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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wedding ideas! Make your dream come true! Ιδέες για παραμυθένιο γάμο! Ή καλύτερα... ονειρεμένο γάμο.

I was watching the trailer of the upcoming movie SEX AND THE CITY 2, and i got Carried Away...
I remembered  Carrie in Vivienne's Westwood  wedding dress...

Then i started searching in wedding blogs again...  so many amazing ideas...  i loved them all.

And i saw these shoes... and i have a thing with shoes... even wedding shoes...

Then... i saw this picture... and many  awesome pictures like this one... and i started thinking about Bahamas... me in white dress... happy... drinking coctails... having my own wedding!!!(WHAT?)

Then i started thinking ways to personalize my... wedding project. You know... ideas, things i could create and make my wedding unique... and i searched for tutorials.

I liked this simple chip and chic idea, to decorate the Church...

Or this cute way to put the names in the tables for the guests

Maybe a sweet ''thank you'' idea, for all my friends, a homemade jam!

Homemade blackberry jam recipe 

1,5 kilograms blackberries
400 grams sugar
1 pouch liquid fruit pectin

Gourmet jam recipe instruction:
Wash the blackberries, crush them with a potato masher in large saucepan and let them boil for about 10 minutes in low temperature.
Pour sugar in boiling fruits to melt, until mixture comes to a full boil (stir it all the way).
Stir pectin in the boiling blackberries and cook it for 3 minutes more stirring it constantly.
Pour hot blackberry jam in the clean jam jars and seal them. Place jars in canner with very hot water, process in boiling water bath for about 10 minutes and cover jars to cool gradually over night.

Thinking how cool would it be to have a striped wedding cake...

And a funny guy to spend my life with...

AND THEN... before i started thinking my honeymoon... my phone rang. Bye bye Bahamas.

Back to work....

This is a true story.


  1. i used to dream of a wedding like the one you 're discribing..... then i found the perfect guy.... my dream wedding now is a romantic ceramony with just me and my othen perfect half everything else seem kind of unnecessary....

  2. ha ha ha! Nice joke Jenny!!! Although this post is HOW TO MAKE A ROMANTIC ceremony, i am gonna save it till your wedding!!! So, you won't search for a dress, shoes, honeymoon or you won't have guests???(and a party after????) Come on!!! You, are another Carrie Bradshow (a fashion victim)you need more than this post ideas! Am i wrong, or the alien took real Jenny???

  3. no no no i have changed... really.....exept for the party!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want the party but a real party at my house with my friends and NO RELATIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh oh oh and the honeymoon.... i want that too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    PS remember the wedding Carrie finally had????????

  4. Yes but she wore all famous wedding dresses, she had all the parties, she went even to her honeymoon... :) Anyway... my dream wedding is something like that; a big happy totally mad party with all my friends, a party with personality -like cute things made from the couple (or their friends) and a romantic atmosphere to remember-, for me and my guy:)Of course Bahamas is one of the things must do!



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