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Friday, April 23, 2010

My endless marathon

I don’t think there is a proper word to describe how exhausted I am.

In 24 hours I have to do 2 jobs, I have to train for European championship, to keep the house clean, to update my blog, to wait in lines to pay the bills, to spend time with my boyfriend, to find time to visit my parents, to sleep. This is a very very difficult period for me, although, I live this way for the past 6 years. Maybe it’s time to change some things. Otherwise I am gonna burn out...

How is your day? Do you find time to have some fun?  Or, even better, to do NOTHING for a while?


  1. spend time with your boyfriend by asking him just to hug you while you are sleeping. a good time to come together. Everytime you eat spend 5 more minites to wash your dish, so they wont gather in a pile. as for all the other thinks i dont know, cause each one of us carries his own something...

  2. Hahaha!!!''Hugging'' when i am sleeping???? Interesting thought!!! Thanks for your lovely advices Kostas... i'll try! I always say to myself; think about all these women who have kids, and jobs, and no help from others... So, maybe it's not that bad... A could use some inspiration though... about vocation. I am thinking about Astypalea island for this summer... have you ever been there before?

  3. enough with the england speaks, we all know i talk very best england! :P

    Μπορεις να πας στη Κιμωλο, οπου ειχα παει και γω, ωραιες παραλιες μικρο νησακι, οχι πολλα να δεις αλλα αρκετα για να χαλαρωσεις. αν αποφασισεις να πας-πατε, θα σου πω και απο κοντα λεπτομερειες. Ενναλακτικα νησια απο κει κοντα ειναι η Μηλος , περνασ με το καραβακι

  4. Χεχε! Ναι ειδικά τα Greeklish τα ξερω φαρσι εν τω μεταξύ... Ναι, την σκέφτηκα την Κίμωλο. Μήλο έχω πάει. Αλλά θέλω να μου προτείνεις πραγματάκια πολυταξιδεμένε φίλε :) Απο κοντά, κανόνισε



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