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Friday, September 10, 2010

I got an award!!!

Ok, this is new for me... i got an award from a follower! My first! The one and only!!! So sweet of ENDY DANIEL from endy cooks and eats blog! You should check it out! She is a very unique girl and her blog is so cute! She picked my blog of one of her favorites! BUT... the award is mine only if i answer 7 questions about me, you don't already know... SO... Is there something you need to know about me? Really?

 1. Ok... maybe my real name! My real name is Katerina. I picked FOIVI cause i liked it more...!
 2. What else... i am an only child... so i am  very very very close with my parents, although i live far away from them more than 15 years now..
 3. I have a dog... i love dogs. But my dog is living at my parents' house...
 4. I am a 2nd DAN Karate-ka,  in Shotokan karate... but i used to be a ballet dancer!
 5. I paint... not that often but often enough... usually when i am sad...
 6. I eat almost everything... except yogurt.
 7. I walk like a boy, i dress like a boy, i talk like a boy, i fight like a boy... but i am a grown up girl....

SO... i want to say a big THANK YOU FOR YOUR FRIENDSHIP to sweet Endy Daniel... and now i have to pass the award to some of my favorite blogs... I pick these blogs because i like the persons/authors of the blogs, sweet people, good people, almost my friends now! You should also check out their blogs... they are so creative and passionate people!

Mami Made It

 Thanks Endy Daniel :)


  1. Thank you so much for the honor of the award. I am truly humbled that you chose to place me amongst these other wonderful blogs. I will post this in my sidebar later tonight (maybe tomorrow)
    Thank you so much for the honor. ~Diane

  2. The honor is mine!!!I wish i'll meet you all one day!

  3. wow.... an award! This is my first one. Thank you so much for choosing me. This is so much fun. Now I have to put my "thinking cap" on and decide to whom I will pass it on. Thanks my dear "blog"friend, you are a very sweet girl (in boy clothes ;)!!!

  4. Congratulations on your award! You deserve it!

  5. Thank you so much! This is a lovely award! And your questions and answers and photos are great!

  6. Looking forward to see your question/answers!!!

  7. This is very cute blog... I love it, I linked your blog roll on my blog.

    anyway, if you want to try to cook nastar, I have posted the recipe you can check on


  8. Thank you so much!!! this is so great, it's my first award, I'll put my answers later on today
    have a lovely weekend :)

  9. wow..μόλις εχω ανακαλύψει το blog σου...όμορφο πολύ! :)

  10. thank you so much Flicka!!!! I will try them!!!! kisses!!!

  11. Ewa i am looking forward to find out all your ....dark sides!!!! hehe!!!kisses!!!!!!

  12. πολυ ωραιο post και πολυ ωραιες φωτογραφιε, μπραβο!

  13. Eirini mou se euxaristo para poly!!! Kalo sk sou euxomai!

  14. Congratulations on your award! Fun post!

  15. μπραβοοοοοοοο.. σου ευχομαι συντομα πολλαααααααα...φιλακιαααααα...

  16. κατερινα σου εχω μια προσκληση για παιχνιδιιιιιιι.. φιλακιααααααα..

  17. U really answered my question... i was actually curious what ur name is,lol. I believe u walk like a boy coz u do karate, but do u realize that u're such a perfect girl? u're so beautiful, u're good in cooking n u can kick the men's butt! lol
    Love ya :*

  18. Good for you you have the 2d Dan! Remmeber me I won't start a fight with you! :)

    And congrats with your award.

  19. haha!!! Endy Daniel you are such a sweetheart!!! BUT i think i am better looking in photos than in real life!!! But also, i kick the mens butt!! hehe!!! If you have any problem, just call me.. :)

  20. zeta mea mou se euxaristo poly poly!!! erxomai na do ti mou xeis...

  21. MaksiTaksi i can't stop laughing!!! haha!!! I am a peaceful person!!! BUT i will start a fight if someone harm one of my friends!!! So count on me as your bodyguard!!

  22. A SPICY PERSPECTIVE thank you so much!!!!



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