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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The most pampered vineyard in the world! Tuscany for ever!

Πήγα, είδα, μαγεύτηκα... Όλη η Τοσκάνη γύρω απο έναν μικρό λόφο, πάνω στον οποίο υπάρχουν αμπελώνες γεμάτοι κατακόκκινα σταφύλια, που μεγαλώνουν ακούγοντας... Μότσαρτ! Γνώρισα τον υπέροχο Carlo και την απίθανη μικρή του Gea, δοκίμασα τα περιβόητα κρασιά τους... μέθυσα απο την ασύλληπτη ομορφιά του τοπίου και των ανθρώπων... Α! Και έφυγα και με τα τρία μπουκάλια που βλέπετε στην φωτογραφία...

Been there, met Carlo and his little adorable daughter Gea (like the wine!), taste, Brunello- Gea and Do, wines.

What can i say??? It was a huge experience... wine sets you free... Music and wine is the passport to wisdom!

Paradiso di Frassina is situated 5 km from Montalcino, in a secluded position but within easy reach of the town.
In all directions it enjoys splendid views of the unique and well-known Sienese landscape: on one side it looks towards the charming town of Montalcino while on the other it looks towards gentle hills given to grazing, or to fields of corn and sunflowers.
Surrounded by an amphitheatre of vineyards, the old stone house Paradiso di Frassina, presents a series of roofs, which bear witness to the foundation and development of what was essential to the farm: the central farmhouse, the old cellars, the store rooms, the pigstyes and the other outbuildings.

Music Therapy Gets into Vineyards

'' In the year 1999, when I started to reconstruct the farm 'Il Paradiso di Frassina' and to pant the new vineyards of Sangiovese all over it, I guessed that music would help it grow well, besides bringing joy to my life and embellishing the environment.
My experiment became known far and wide, and also aroused the interest of some researchers at the Faculty of Agriculture at Florence University. Our collaboration goes back to the year 2005.
Together we are studying, in vitro as well as in the fields, the positive effects that sound frequencies generate on the plant of the vine, both in the rooting system, in the foliage and in the flower, with particular attention to the repulsive effects they have on grape parasites and grape predators.
Could this mean that we are opening up new prospects for biodynamics ? I wonder... We are aware that it is a long way to go, but for sure growing vineyards bathed in music is a wonderful way to join poetry with research.


Thanks to the interest of the most prestigious company in the audio world, the American 'Bose' that became my technological sponsor, I dedicated an entire vineyard of about 3 acres to Mozart music.
Well forty-eight of their wonderful loudspeakers are placed in this vineyard, according to a plan studied by researchers of Florence University, in such a way as to create areas of high, medium and low sound intensity. The aim was to monitor the effects of sounds in the best possible way while allowing the great beauty of Mozart's complete work to express itself.

All compositions ( about 60 hours between quartets, symphonies, operas and what else) are spread out 24 hours out of 24 in the most pampered vineyard in the world. Starting with 2008 it will yield its first Brunello Wine, grown entirely among Mozart's harmonies! ''

Carlo Cignozzi
If you ever find yourself in Tuscany you should stop for a glass of wine... I bought all 3 of them! Also if you like agritourismo, the apartments are sooo cute!
And the view... Breathtaking!

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