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Everybody needs a carrot to go one step beyond

Doesn't matter if you eat it or not. As long as the eyes are focused on the carrot, you may go one step forward. And that's always enough!

This is a blog, about all the small pleasures in life.. and the greatest of all; Food!

Interesting recipes from Greece and all over the world, amazing deco ideas, inspiring art, fabulous trends, cute handmade stuff, dreamy destinations, a clever line, a funny thought...

Anything that makes me go... wow! and makes me smile, can be... my carrot.

After all, happiness is a piece of cake!
A carrot cake!

Take a bite!

Thursday, March 29, 2012




This is the work of a great artist! When i saw her portfolio i was amazed by her talent! Heather Bullard , as she introduce herself in her site, is a stylist, photographer and editorial story producer based in southern California. Her experience in the industry includes creating fresh story concepts, scouting locations, creative direction, styling and photography.
Her passion  for interiors and lifestyle stories and the ability to deliver inspired ideas is evident in all her projects.
Prior to establishing roots in publishing, Heather garnered over 15 years in the retail, interior design and antique industries as a shop owner and antique dealer. This experience has given her a unique set of inventive skills and vast network of resources which are infused into her assignments. Her editorial contributions and features can be seen in a variety of lifestyle and shelter publications such as Flea Market Style, Romantic Homes and Country Living Magazine where she is currently a Contributing Editor.

Her popular lifestyle blog, started in 2006, maintains a substantial and loyal following and was the catalyst that naturally lead her into the field of publishing being sought out by editors for her discerning eye and fresh approach to vintage style. In 2011, she launched Souvenir - A Seasonal Lifestyle Gazette.

Φωτογράφος, εκδότρια, στυλίστρια. Με έμφαση στο vintage.
Η Heather Bullard και οι δουλειές της, βρήκαν την θέση τους στο Donkey γιατί αποτελούν πηγή έμπνευσης, μας δίνουν ιδέες και ανήκουν στο tag photography, με όλα όσα μου κάνουν κλικ από αξιόλογους φωτογράφους.

Εμπνευστείτε λοιπόν και πάρτε το απόφαση. Ήρθε η Άνοιξη, γλαστράκια, μπουτάκια και τραπεζάκια έξω!

photos by Heather Bullard


  1. πανέμορφες εικόνες!!!!!!!!!!!καλό μήνα!!!!!!!

  2. vintage και floral απλά τέλεια!



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