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Doesn't matter if you eat it or not. As long as the eyes are focused on the carrot, you may go one step forward. And that's always enough!

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Anything that makes me go... wow! and makes me smile, can be... my carrot.

After all, happiness is a piece of cake!
A carrot cake!

Take a bite!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Experiment in design: Test cube chandeliers! Ενα βάζο στο ταβάνι, ένα πολυέλαιος ανθισμένος

Test cubes: the eccentric chandeliers.
This is what i call art and creativity. The talent to go one step beyond obvious.
Polish designer Pani Jurek took inspiration from the world of science when she designed the Maria S.C. chandelier lamp from a set of test tubes. The piece is named and designed as a nod to innovator, scientist, educator and academic Maria Sklodowska-Curie, who was the first person to be twice awarded the Nobel Prize, first in 1903 and then again in 1911.
 (via apartment therapy)

Ο απόλυτος πολυέλαιος; Ο ανθισμένος.
Αυτό είναι δημιουργικότητα. Από δοκιμαστικούς σωλήνες σε χρηστικά και διακοσμητικά αντικείμενα. Κοινώς, σε μικρά έργα τέχνης:)


  1. όντως πολύ δημιουργικό και πολυ ενδιαφέρον...έχει χαρακτήρα!!!



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