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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Inspiration bedroom. Concepts to copy. Υπνοδωμάτιο. Βρες το στυλ σου

''The Grecian style is all about luxury and classicism. Layers of fabrics adorned with Greek keys or toga stripes make for an elegant and indulgent bed. The low hung pendant light adds modernism to the room.''

''Old furniture pieces are given a fresh appeal witha new layer of paint. Pastel co-ordinated wallpaper, cushions and a smart footstool gives the room some colour and contrasts with the white furnishings''

''A tied headboard and layers of cushions, pillows and quilts create the perfect look in the bedroom''

''A classic patchwork quilt and a bespoke shutter headboard get the homely, vintage country look just right. The leather trunk is perfect for storing away bedlinen and clothes, as well as having a fabulous vintage look.''

''Texture has been created using carved wood, rattan furniture and linen fabrics. Dark-wood furniture against the white walls and floors creates a focal point in the room.''

΄΄An antique kimono is a creative alternative to a framed print, adding an oriental touch to this bedroom. It also pulls all focus onto the bed and decorative headboard.΄΄

words and photos by house to home


  1. Πάω να ξαπλώσω στο τέταρτο!!! Καλό μεσημέρι!!!

  2. Τι ομορφη παλι αναρτηση!!!!κοιμησου σε τετοια κρεβατοκαμαρα και αντε το πρωι να σηκωθεις να πας δουλεια χαχαχαχα.Ολες οι φωτο ειναι πανεμορφες αλλα θα δειξω μια ιδιατερη προτιμηση στην τελευταια.Αυτο το γκρι στους τοιχους το εχω λατρεψει!!το δοκιμασα τωρα τελευταια και διαπιστωσα οτι αναδεικνυονται ολα τα χρωματα και ολα τα στυλ!!!!φιλια πολλααααααΧ2

  3. If I had to choose it will be really hard as those all look fantastic.I like cosy and colour so maybe
    one with the shutter headboard as I live in a small workmanscottage wich already has a lot of wood.Great taste you have;)

  4. ναι ναι ναι ειδες που ολα μου αρεσαν; μου θυμισαν ολες τις πτυχες του εαυτου μου μπραβο και εγω ειχα θεμα με τα μπανια που μου αρεσαν



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