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Everybody needs a carrot to go one step beyond

Doesn't matter if you eat it or not. As long as the eyes are focused on the carrot, you may go one step forward. And that's always enough!

This is a blog, about all the small pleasures in life.. and the greatest of all; Food!

Interesting recipes from Greece and all over the world, amazing deco ideas, inspiring art, fabulous trends, cute handmade stuff, dreamy destinations, a clever line, a funny thought...

Anything that makes me go... wow! and makes me smile, can be... my carrot.

After all, happiness is a piece of cake!
A carrot cake!

Take a bite!

Sunday, July 24, 2011


I collected pics from different weddings via Ruffled blog, which inspired me most! I caught myself smiling while looking at them! I realized, that little details can tell more about a person than a dress, wedding dress or a haircut. The style you choose for your house or even more for your special day=wedding, i believe that it shows what's beneath everything... You may want people at work to believe that you are strong, but if you choose a lemonade stand for your guests at your wedding, i believe that it reveals the girl behind the woman, who is still sweet, innocent, fragile...  and believes in fairy tales! 

Το πόσο μου αρέσει να χαζεύω φωτογραφίες και να θαυμάζω ιδέες διακόσμησης το ξέρετε... Όταν πρόκειται για γάμους, παθαίνω μεγαλύτερο λαλα (λαλα=τσιτσιν=ενθουσιασμός). Τρελαίνομαι, θέλω κι εγώ, τα θέλω έτσι ακριβώς, θέλω να μπω στις φωτογραφίες και να ζήσω το παραμύθι!!!! Μα δεν είναι ονειρεμένα όλα αυτά;;;


  1. Πραγματικά, όλα είναι πολύ όμορφα!
    Καλή εβδομάδα:)

  2. Ξαναπαντρεύομαι!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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