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Tuesday, March 15, 2011



When i saw these pictures at Yatzer i suddenly felt a bit weird... I had a flash! ''This is how Paradise must look like!!! All dressed in white, clean and calm like a cotton cloud with some treats here and there cause you were such a good girl!!!'' Theurel & Thomas  pâtisserie in Mexico promises to send you to heaven with each bite or...  at first sight! The most tasty by all means pâtisserie i' ve seen...

Theurel & Thomas are specialized in macarons. Made of meringue, almond power and sugar, they are world famous for their addictive taste and their delicate softness. Theurel & Thomas are the first maison in Mexico specialized in macarons and this has already earned them a lot of devotees. But apart from the excellent quality and the various tastes and colors of the delights that star Chef Irving Quiroz Quintana prepares following the French tradition, they are famed for the design and ambiance of their stores.

via Yatzer

Anagrama studio, pioneers in brand development, is to be blamed for the unique take on French elegance of the Theurel & Thomas pâtisserie in San Pedro, Mexico.

via Yatzer
White was our primary tool for design. As a result of this the attention was fully oriented to the colorful macarons. We also placed two lines in our design in cyan and magenta, like if it was a modern French flag, in order to inject a vanguard vision to the identity.  Finally, we selected Didot (created by Firmin and Pierre Didot), a French typography that is ideal to represent the brand’s sophistication”. words by Anagrama

Theurel & Thomas pâtisserie is an excellent example that good design and good food can do miracles together!
via Yatzer
Πάμε Μέχικο???? Από που να αρχίσω;;; Βλέπετε δεν χρειάζεται να πω και πολλά... To σπίτι των macarons! Είναι ένα έργο τέχνης αυτό το διάσημο ζαχαροπλαστείο... Ένα έργο τέχνης απο πλευράς αισθητικής και φυσικά διάσημο για τα macaron του που είναι εθιστικά και απλώς απερίγραπτα...

Πότε πάμε ποτέ πάμε;;;;

''Ντρέπεσαι να πατήσεις''... που λέγανε παλιά; Ε, κάπως έτσι. Μιλάμε για την μπουτίκ, της μπουτίκ, ώ μπουτίκ της ζαχαροπλαστικής!


via Yatzer
photos: Image Courtesy of Anagrama


  1. Θεε και Κυριε!!τετοιες αναρτησεις έπρεπε να απογαορευονται δια ροπάλου!!!ναος...

  2. Personally, I am a bit tired of all that fuss and obsession in the whole world about maccarons. Yummy and visually so heavenly, ok. But not the most revolutionary sweet thing in the world. I am more into your previous recipes of pasta with sweet wine sauce or some chick peas frittes, hahaha !

  3. Κλείσε με εκεί και πέτα το κλειδί..χιχι

  4. Μπουτίκ όνομα και πράμα!!!!!!!!Να ζηλέψουμε ???ΖΗΛΕΥΟΥΜΕ!!!!!!!!

  5. Wow! these images are stunning! I´m collecting ideas for my future store and it´s exactly what I want for the decoration. Tks for sharing!
    Kisses from Sao Paulo - Brazil



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