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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Meet me in Paradise, beach. San...έργο τέχνης.

I am sure you 've heard about Mykonos island. No matter who you are, you know Mykonos and Santorini right? And yes, they are amazing islands, just like ALL the Greek islands. Really, i haven't been in a Greek island that i haven't been amazed by it's beauty. San Giorgio hotel,is situated on one of the most scenic areas of the island between Paradise and Paraga beaches. Downtown Mykonos as well as Mykonos National Airport are a 10 minutes drive from the hotel. So, i let you plan your vacation at Greece, and i 'll go check at my baby.

Ναι τα πιο ωραία ξενοδοχεία τα βρίσκεις στη Μύκονο
Οκ, όχι μόνο στη Μύκονο. 
Αλλά στην Μύκονο τα βρίσκεις σίγουρα.



  1. Με έκανες πάλι να σκέφτομαι το dream house στη θάλασσα!
    Λευκό, πέτρα, ξύλο και το απέραντο μπλε! Υπέροχες φώτο!

  2. σ'αυτό το ξύλινο το σανίδι, να βγάζω πεταλίδες και αχινούς.Πάρε το μπεμπέ κι έλα <3

  3. i have been to santorini and it was so beautiful! thanks for these amazing pictures!

  4. i have been to santorini and it was so beautiful! thanks for these amazing pictures!

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