Recipe for happiness

Everybody needs a carrot to go one step beyond

Doesn't matter if you eat it or not. As long as the eyes are focused on the carrot, you may go one step forward. And that's always enough!

This is a blog, about all the small pleasures in life.. and the greatest of all; Food!

Interesting recipes from Greece and all over the world, amazing deco ideas, inspiring art, fabulous trends, cute handmade stuff, dreamy destinations, a clever line, a funny thought...

Anything that makes me go... wow! and makes me smile, can be... my carrot.

After all, happiness is a piece of cake!
A carrot cake!

Take a bite!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

My morning inspiration!

This window made me wanna plant some herbs, bake a pie and make some lemonade...

Αυτό το παράθυρο το ερωτεύτηκα. Πάει μαζί με το σπίτι. Αλλά ξέρω οτι δεν μπορώ να τα έχω όλα.

Home tour by Bright.Bazaar

Etsy είμαι εγώ. Κάθε πρωί.

This painting made me realize that this is how i look like, EVERY morning...

some beautiful art on

Then i saw this cute little house that made me smile!
Πολύ χαριτωμένη κλειδοθήκη!

Πολύ ιδιαίτερο κόσμημα!
And i loved this necklace which is ideal for a Valentine's Night out... 

Καλά, αυτό εδώ είναι το καλύτερό μου... Μα τι super ιδέα!

And talking about love... Love is in the air... It's nice to see love in every little thing!


  1. κρατα το παράθυρο κ όλο το σπίτι κ δώσε την τραπεζαρία με τις καρέκλες παρακαλώωωωωωωωωω... :Ρ

  2. το ενα καλυτερο απο τ΄αλλο!καλο βραδυ!



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